1. Theatre for Development

Seka has a reputation amongst people in their areas of operation for bringing a sense of fun to the serious issues that people face. The fun is not just for its own sake – it enables people to feel more empowered to take on the issues that face them. The troupe have tackled the problems of elephants raiding gardens, HIV/AIDS education, children’s rights, litter and natural resource management, among others. Each performance leads to action – as people discuss solutions to the challenges raised, and draw up plans to make change happen.
See our Company Portfolio.

Action Research and Awareness Raising

Seka uses action research and awareness performances to raise awareness on the issues at hand. By living in the targeted areas for a length of time, the actor-researchers are able to fully understand the issues at stake before creating interactive plays to address these issues. The participatory nature of the performances allows Seka to verify their findings in addition to encouraging the audience to take ownership of their issues as well as to suggest and implement the solutions to these concerns.

Community Mobilisation

Seka’s distinctive use of action research and participatory dramas sensitise communities on important social, cultural and economic issues and motivates communities to develop locally based initiatives that are sustainable.  Key target groups are identified for special training on sensitive issues.  Communities are further mobilized and empowered through the sharing of the action research findings to stakeholders.  Seka ensures communities are able to take appropriate actions and encourages them to become effective change agents by disseminating information on government policies and procedures.

Nationwide Campaigns

Although we started off small in rural communities in eastern Zambia, we also have experience working on nationwide programmes such as the national anti-litter campaign in Zambia, sponsored by National Breweries and the Children’s Right’s campaign through Tanzania’s Caucus for Children’s Rights. The latter programme involved actors travelling across the country on the major bus routes performing Invisible Theatre to the passengers on the bus, and Forum Theatre in public spaces across Tanzania. 

2. Cultural Tourism

Seka regularly performs for tourists visiting the national parks both in Zambia and Tanzania. Their plays are a riotous mixture of local song and dance combined with magical props, satirical humour and amazing impressions of the birds, beasts, tourists and other strange creatures to be found in these wildlife areas. Seka documents, photographs and maintains local culture, respecting and understanding that traditional values are the glue of society.

3. Customised Drama

Plays  –  Seka specialises in creating customised theatre performances for conferences or conventions. The company received standing ovations at the World Summit in Joburg for Njala, a moving story about a villager from Luangwa who travels to the world summit to tell his story of elephant damage, malaria and bureaucratic frustrations.

Radio  – Seka has expertise in the use of radio as an awareness raising tool. We have put into place panel discussions on Child Labour and Education matters, as well as radio dramas that look at various issues in a fun and exciting way, with audiences following the storylines week after week. Through radio Seka is able to reach a larger population.

4. Training

Seka also provides training to theatre groups that need capacity development. See our Company Portfolio. Contact us for your training needs.

5. Research

Traditional Ceremonies/culture –  Seka conducted a country-wide research on the colourful ceremonies that make up the Zambian cultural calendar and created a book called Ceremony! Celebrating Zambia’s Cultural Heritage. We are passionate about culture and traditional indigenous knowledge.
Click here for more information on the Ceremony! book.

Community attitudes  – Seka has in-depth experience in getting to know the beliefs, attitudes and issues at community level.