Ceremony! Celebrating Zambia’s Cultural Heritage is now available.


The book contains a wealth of information about traditional ceremonies on the Zambia calendar, spread over 200 pages of spectacular photography and informative text.

Readers can explore the ancient ceremonies of Zambia up close: the great annual Kuomboka pageant of the Barotse people, the mysterious Gule Wamkulu masquerade traditions of the Chewa people, the Lunda dance of victory – Umotomboko and the Makishi initiation ceremonies are vividly brought to life, alongside some of the lesser-known ceremonies from far-flung parts of the country.

Travel across Zambia province by province, discovering more about the main language groups that make up the country’s diverse population. Explore the fascinating links between traditions that share common origins. From rain-calling ceremonies to initiations, from harvest thanksgivings to the sacred rites of leadership, the celebrations are both solemn and jubilant.

The book was commissioned by Celtel Zambia as part of its commitment to preserving traditional culture in Zambia. The original photographs were taken by well-known photographer Francois D’elbee. Tamara Guhrs and Mulenga Kapwepwe researched, compiled and edited the oral interviews, archival material and contributions from local authors which make up this fascinating document of living heritage.

Travelers and cultural tourists will find it useful as a handbook, while people from neighbouring countries may find echoes and similarities between their own traditional practices and those depicted here. People wishing to do business in Zambia will find it valuable. And those with a love of theatre, ritual, ancient wisdom and storytelling, traditional African beer or great photography must own this book!

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